What is Ormus?

What is Ormus?

Ormus is created through an alchemical process that transmutes “base” into something “fine” through an esoteric energetic process. It is present only when certain conditions are met.

A newly discovered state of matter may provide advances to human nutrition. It bears the name “orbitally rearranged monatomic elements” and is better known as “ORMUS”. We have precious metals, such as copper, silver, gold, rhodium, iridium and platinum- that exist in this modified state, where they no longer display the electric, spectroscopic and chemical properties usually associated with a "metal" state. The resulting material appears crystalline, stable and non-conductive. Despite not carrying the properties of metal- which includes electrical conductivity-, all these elements are natural, ubiquitous and abound in the environment and in food; they also permeate our bodies.

High-spin states creates different spectral emissions from high-spin elements. With no nuclear physics experience, these high-spin elements are produced with low energy methods.

My favorite hypothesis is that ORMUS super conducts our thoughts, as well as the thoughts of every living cell. This improved intercellular communication might explain almost every benefit that has been seen in plants and animals.

There is no scientific evidence on how the ORMUS elements produce their reported qualities, nor what they actually are. There is a theory that they enter the body and enhance the whole circuitry of the DNA, while others believe they are inert substances. Our perception is that this substance enters the blood stream and pervade the bodies cells.

This means that ORMUS elements have an energetic effect. Healing effects cannot be due to the production of chemical reactions in the body, but to a more subtle energy. They sit in cells and generate life’s Essence, enabling the mind and body to become integrated, holistic again.

There is a lot of disagreement on whether or not the claims surrounding Ormus are true. Nonetheless, because it doesn't come with any risks and people claim to have received so many benefits from it, you should try out this substance for yourself to see if it has an effect on you.


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