How the SUN works - Why you should CONSIOUSLY EAT it - Most people don’t KNOW this

How the SUN works - Why you should CONSIOUSLY EAT it - Most people don’t KNOW this


For far too long society is on a brink of a cosmic physical, mental, and spiritual collapse. The

data all points that our overall well-being is under attack not by an extraneous force, but the

main culprit is ourselves and how out of touch we’ve become with our senses and the world. All

of this can be visually seen if we simply open our eyes. Physically, our bodies are changing,

continuously getting unhealthier with growing waistlines and heart disease becoming the norm.

Our head space has sadly included more mental breakdowns, exhaustion, and some have

caused others over the edge because they simply cannot handle the stress of life. Spiritually,

people have simply grown out of touch with peace and kindness. However, there are always

brighter days ahead. To become the citizen of your own heaven, certain elements have to be

met to reach your personal enlightenment and discover peace that everyone so desperately

wants and desires. Little by little, our spirituality can be awakened to open other aspects of your

own lives, as well as the lives of others. It simply starts with waking with the sun rise and

conscious eating. Enlightenment comes in many forms but each person can start with these two

simple acts to grow in perfect harmony in such a divided world.

Why Watch The Sunrise

The sunrise is an extremely breathtaking phenomenon that can be experienced everyday. It is

believed that waking up with the sunrise helps a person in wondrous ways. When we see the

sun, it helps to actively and consciously see the center of our solar system, which in turn helps

us see our thoughts as we are surrounded by serenity and peace. Being in a relaxed state of

mind from the moment you wake, sets forth a positive light of what’s next to come. Success is

founded by your emotions, your thoughts, and your body. Because a great mindset and mental

state, it enables us to make decisions wisely, therefore, a step closer to our dreams of

undeniable peace. Our consciousness desires are to be free, but it is our unconscious that also

needs to be exposed to the sun to have the freedom to expose the abundance of love that

pours out of our heart and into others. It starts with one person and if more and more people just

expose themselves in watching the sunrise both externally and witnessing the sunrise from

within, the air we breathe and the meta-physical emotional well-being of our humanity will be

completely transformed. Everything and everyone can be linked to the sun and the light feeds

everything we know with positive energy to be luminous, warm, beautiful…as life should be.

How Conscious Eating Helps

For the sun is the source of all living things, the food we consume only goes as far as helping us

truly reach our potential in becoming free, and living life to our fullest potential. Conscious eating

is about being aware of the food that you eat. This allows people’s body to feel and the mind to

think about what you’re putting in your mouth and how it affects not just yourself, but how you

consume affects the worlds of others. Conscious eating is also about understanding where your

mental state and emotional state stand and how the food you eat correlates to every part of your

body and mind holistically. This simultaneously affects all living organisms. Food, by nature, is

more than just what we eat. The meal, the preparation, and the effects of it means there’s also a

feeling and thought of how this food will connect you to the physical world.

When people eat with stress lingering all over their heads, it usually forces them to eat fast, too

much, or even too little. Conscious eating is about taking it slowly and digesting your food

better. This also allows you to live free of stress, and eat with peace of mind. When you eat

consciously, you’re then able to conceptualize how the food was made or prepared and what

was done to get that food onto your plate and into your body. By broadening your understanding

of the world and the sacrifices it has made to help nurture your complete well-being and health,

you’re able to appreciate more of the importance of eating consciously.

In contrast, when you don’t eat consciously, you just eat without thinking and only reacting to

taste, your hunger reduces the satisfaction. As a human, you lower yourself to other animals

who simply eat because they can. The inability to appreciate the complexities of how the food

was made in front of you, will cause more harm than good to your health. The question of

nutrition is scientific, vast, broad, and most people don’t exactly know how it actually works. The

subtleties of where food comes from and how it’s made is not known by most people. It starts

with the sun and its positive light that gives energy to all living things. It’s how the trees, flowers,

water and animals who unbeknownst to us, take care of it and give us the true nutrients of how

we become the best versions of ourselves. Natural foods give us the best health outcomes and

there’s no question about it. Humans have just become automatic to swallow, to chew, to eat

more, to waste, and the cycle continues. It might be fine from a biological point of view, but

mentally, spiritually, it is completely insufficient. Knowing each virtue of each food is how we

truly know how to be consciously eat and that’s the most important thing we all must know.

The Consciousness Continuum

Being aware of yourself and your actions will improve your conscious eating skills and lower the

risks of self-sabotage. Be one with the sun and appreciate everything that you eat. Enjoy meals

with conversation with those you cherish and speak about how the food made it onto your plate.

The world always works in harmony, but sadly, most of us are out of sync of this harmony

because of greed, stress, power, and other materialistic things that mostly gives us satisfaction

on the surface level. The truest and happiest people are the ones who seek inner peace and

have realized that the world and the subconscious are working endlessly in harmony. It’s just a

matter if you are awake enough to see your own version of heaven in front of you.


Success only comes to those who act, and one of the stepping stones can either be watching

the sun rise or start consciously eating. Stress will inevitably come to all of us. Life is all but a

challenge waiting to be conquered. But the ability to identify each challenge as an opportunity

by taking simple steps of waking with the sun rise or conscious eating can truly have a profound

effect on your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. A peace of mind is more attainable

than you think. Always aim optimistically, be conscious of your actions, and success and

happiness will simply follow.

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