How the Stars Can Change Your Life

How the Stars Can Change Your Life

On a clear night, far away from city lights, you can often see millions of stars. In such a situation, imagining yourself leaving the earth and all its drama behind can be very beneficial. Meditation comes naturally to humans, but many of us have lost the ability to do it effectively. This is because we are always so distracted by what’s happening around us. 

But if you allow yourself to contemplate the beauty of the stars, you can again see yourself as part of the vast universe above us. 


The stars are a great escape for those of us stuck down here on earth. Simply reminding ourselves that there is all this vastness above us can make us feel lighter, freer, and more at peace. 

If we do this enough, we will actually bring some of that peace back from the stars with us. Soon, we’ll actually develop the ability to communicate with the distant worlds that make up our universe. For humans, this is as close as we can get to true happiness and introspection. And it all starts with taking some time to reflect on the stars. 

What is it about the highest point? Why are some of us drawn to the places where we are closest to our celestial selves and furthest from our earthy selves? Is it, perhaps, that the world down here on the earth represents chaos, while the world of the infinite heavens represents our escape from that chaos? 

It’s true that war and conflict have always existed and likely will always exist. Because of human nature – at least, human nature down here on the earth – we cannot escape that fact. But can we change the ways in which we wage war? 

For instance, I believe that a long time ago, there was a great war among the stars. But instead of fighting each other with bombs and guns, they sent rays of light full of love. They fought each other with love. Eventually, the stars learned how to imitate them. 

We can wage this sort of war on all of humanity if we so choose.. We can fight one another with love. 

My time in the stars taught me many things. For instance, often, I would think of how we humans are so intent on destroying one another. How we are so unhappy, sometimes with even the smallest things. Why? Because we have allowed ourselves to become extremely narrow-minded. We are so concerned with earthy things that there is no possible way we could ever live in peace. 

Even the slightest things make us so anxious. 

But there’s a secret. If we knew how to distance ourselves from the world and its problems, even a little bit, we would find something else released inside us. Peace. Peace exists inside all of us, and releasing it starts when we learn to spend a little bit more time up in the stars. 

Nowadays, we know that stress is one of the biggest killers out there. It contributes to so many health conditions, diseases, etc. However, it also contributes to arguments, fighting, and war. But in the big scheme of things, the world is so tiny and small. When we allow ourselves the perspective to see it that way, we realize that what happens on earth matters so little. 

It’s very likely there are beings out there that have surpassed us in every single way. They are more intelligent, more powerful, and more beautiful. And we don’t have to meet them to emulate them. We just need to concentrate from time to time on the stars and the infiniteness of space. 

And stress will melt away. And peace will grow inside us. 


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