History of Ormus

History of Ormus

ORMUS in Mesopotamia

There are certain materials that ancient people thought were very important. One of those materials is high-ward fire-stone, which is made of monoatomic gold and platinum group metals.

They called it ‘Shem-an-na’ and also it was called ‘an-na’ in ancient Mesopotamia.

The substance was considered a dazzling light in ancient Mesopotamia; people thought it could produce luminous light and aid in physical properties such as longevity.

ORMUS in Egypt

In Ancient Egypt it was called mfkzt. The earliest historical evidence are in The Pyramid Texts among the treasures of at least one of its pharoahs. A district where Pharaoh lives in perpetual godhead can only be accessed by initiation & ingestion of Mfkzt, a substance accessible to humans.

The Egyptians attributed their youthfulness to the substance called “mfkzt,” which Cleopatra was known to have bathed in. Gold is mentioned in various reliefs, such as at Karnak Temple where some gold objects are referred to as “white bread”. However, we can only assume it was eaten by kings and priests who knew about the powder of projection. Evidence suggests Cleopatra bathing in “milk” from Ormus, which is the same code word for white gold according to the text.

ORMUS in Jewish and Christian Cultures

In the Old Testament, Ormus, white powder gold, and m-element materials were known as Manna. When the Israelites were wandering through the desert, they were provided with manna that had strict instructions on how to eat and preserve it. One type of manna mentioned in the Bible is when Moses quells a wildfire by throwing a bottle at it.


Alchemy is a mix of early chemistry and magic, crossing empirical research with mysticism. Alchemists do experiments on real chemical reactions, but go to find guidance in magical texts and secret codes rather than following regulations from today’s scientific methods. They then looked for the two things: transforming base metals into gold and achieving immortality with the Philosopher’s Stone (an elixir of life). The most important part of alchemy can be traced back to Hellenistic Egypt, specifically Alexandria, which derives from the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus (sometimes called Hermes the Thrice-Great or Enoch). Alchemists would look to find "the one thing" by which "the world was created" and made that they could perform miracles while also looking for immortality with an elixir of life called the Philosopher's Stone.

David Hudson's Re-discovery

After being "rediscovered" in the 1970s by a wealthy Arizona dirt and cotton farmer, Ormus is a somewhat baffling (and highly disputed) substance for today's scientists; one that does not occur on the Periodic Table of Elements. Hudson stumbled upon it when using old mining techniques to extract gold and silver from the salt-crusted bedrock of the Arizona desert.

A streak that resembled gold or silver was being emitted off of the remains he was excavating, prompting Hudson to look for a Ph.D. chemical expert with Cornell University . After conducting an AES analysis , he found that the particles were more closely related to aluminium silicate, which is odd because titanium dioxide and aluminium are related, but not silica or aluminum.

In his experiments, Hudson found the machine would switch metals at 90 seconds, reading either palladium, platinum, ruthenium, rhodium, iridium or osmium.

Gold has a higher level of scarcity than silver. In the process of recovering gold, Thomas discovered something else - which was causing loss in his mine - that he could not identify. This material had specific properties and it even flowed out of the lead like gold. It is called “ghost gold” because its existence is mysterious and hard to trace due to its ephemeral sense, as well as having no physical relationship with substances.

What Does ORME Stand For?

McMaster tried to eliminate Fe, Si, and Al from his sample but was unsuccessful; 98% of the sample remained unidentified after three years. He deemed it pure "nothing," but Hudson thought otherwise.

David Hudson might have found a new element. The Ormus or m-state materials in a different atomic state is thought to be the substances that make up the precious metals including "ghost gold." He named these new and unknown minerals ORMEs (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements). He referred to it like popping a kernel of popcorn, which reveals something deeper than what was known before. It can turn into a precious metal as well.

So most of these publications occurred after 1988, but my patents were filed first. What they found is that the nucleus of these elements was deformed, went to a high spin state — what’s called high spin nuclei — and theoretically, these high spin nuclei should be superconductors because high spin nuclei pass energy from one atom to another with no loss in energy. - - Paraphrasing David Hudson

Hudson says that some elements have transmutation properties and that when they become isolated, they take on strange properties. Sometimes these elements rapidly gained or lost weight. If these elements were heated up, they would change mass. The Russians call this process fractal vaporization and believe this is the m-state element Hudson was looking for. You can read more about the theory of m-state element on the web.

A decade after starting research on concentrated Ormus, David Hudson also obtained patents and went public with his findings. He would conduct his tours across the U.S., although he started to "disappear" at the end of the 1990s.

There may be unofficial labels across the globe that are used interchangeably when referring to Hudson’s new state of matter, including m-state, shemanna and manna. These terms refer to Hudson's newest idea which has sent people flocking in fascination. Other labels are synonymous with m-state, such as AuM and food of the gods.

There is some evidence to suggest that an "Unidentified Flying Object" in space or the Earth's magnetic field is by definition what these metals are associated with. They can also be found in healthy soil and are considered essential minerals to all plants and life on Earth. There is evidence suggesting that they have specific properties related to how human consciousness works as well.


Some believe that ORMEs offer the possibility of a bridge between science and the spirit world. When taking the extract, the high-speed connection may give you better access to higher realms with greater states of consciousness. It is worth mentioning that high-speed internet doesn’t change your activities on the internet.

Many people believe that the "Tree of Life" is referred to as 'orme' in the Old Testament of the Bible, and also in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. The Hebrew word translates to this meaning, but it was not what Hudson originally called his product. Instead, it is likely that he was giving credit to those who coined "orme."


The Egyptians had great knowledge of alchemy and used it to purify their bodies, ascend into the sky, and perform other ancient rituals. Enoch, a direct descendant of Noah, was one of these people who was deemed worthy to do this. In an old book it was said that Enoch resembles Horus's gold hawk and proceeds up to Heaven without dying.

The Israelites that Moses led across the desert had first been enslaved in Egypt. Many believe it is not too far-fetched to assume they learned about alchemy from their time in Egypt working as metallurgists. Some suggest that it is Moses who worked with a goldsmith named Baalzelael to prepare "the bread of the presence of God" for himself and the high priest Melchizedek. In partaking of this food, he called it "manna" which literally translates into the Egyptian phrase "What is it?"

According to proponents of Ormus, the Israelites knew how to create a special gold powder because there are mentions of it in the Bible. However, this knowledge was handed down from ancient traditions.


Taking Ormus will make you more aware of the power of your thoughts to create reality. This is similar to shouting out a phrase like "I love you!" in a canyon and hearing an echo come back as having said it themselves. When a person takes Ormus, the process happens much more quickly - and when you do this, you are much less likely to think someone else created what happened and instead understand that it was always something your thoughts created.

Ormus can intensify the user's feelings, including emotions. People should be aware of the implications of consuming Ormus.

This can create a "healing crisis effect" where people will experience detox relief. The left and right halves of your brain will synchronize, leading to balance and better health.

Finally, Ormus is said to bring on a state of serenity and clarity. It brings users into the theta wavestates of the brain, thus enhancing intuition. This brain state is oftentimes the end product of a deep meditation, and many people report being able to enter this state (during meditation) almost immediately after ingesting Ormus. Such brain states are associated with increased intelligence and memory.

You can view David Hudson’s patent here

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